A Biblical Theology of Mathematics



The Bible does not answer all possible questions regarding the role and purpose and reasonable extent and use of mathematics. Mathematical ideas and concepts seem to have existed in the mind of God before mankind elucidated them, but this is more in a Biblical sense that David wrote, “Before a thought is on my lips, you know it completely, O Lord” (Psalm 139:4) rather than the Platonic sense that true mathematical ideas exist in the mind of God before man discovers them and that mathematical discovery is somehow probing the mind of God. To be sure, a created world that gives such evidence of mathematical thinking, combined with God’s assertions of the created order and use of mathematics in Scripture give evidence that the process of creation involved mathematical thinking on the part of the creator.

However, theoretical physics and mathematics are not the best process for knowing God’s thoughts…

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One response to “A Biblical Theology of Mathematics

  1. I feel the same about biochemistry, especially enzymes, biofeedback mechanisms, internal microscopic beauty and the look on my dog’s face (he’s currently wondering whether I might let him out when I stop typing) That there is always so much more behind how everything works than we can ever imagine, that He does all things well.


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